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CMS MedPAR Hospital Data File

RPC knows that data collection and working with large data sets can be a challenge, and has created the Health Data Store to serve as a continuously updated repository of health care data. The Health Data Store can provide you with customizable data, ranging from large nation-wide data sets to smaller and more pointed reports or health care snapshots. Our experience working with CMS MedPAR Hospital Data File allows us to query and package the data with confidence. We can also incorporate information from several different data sets to create in-depth, longitudinal analysis of the health care markets you are interested in. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how the Health Data Store can help you with your information needs.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) collects and releases data for all U.S. hospital inpatient stays for Medicare beneficiaries. These data are released annually in the CMS Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) file. Each record in the MedPAR file represents an inpatient stay during the calendar year of the file and has information on diagnosis, procedure, charge, payment, provider and patient for the claim.  The health data store created a data dictionary PDF for the file, which lists and describes the data elements and the file layout.

Some useful data elements include:

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  • Patient age group, sex and race
  • Hospital provider number
  • Length of stay
  • 5 categories of accommodation charges
  • Up to 9 diagnosis (ICD-9-CM) codes
  • Up to 6 surgical procedure codes
  • Charge and payment data

RPC holds these files from 2000 to 2008 (the most recent year available).

Reporting Hospitals
All hospitals receiving funds from Medicare must submit their data to CMS. IN the most recent year available 6,133 hospitals had data reported in the MedPAR file.

Data Applications
We can provide custom reports, graphs and maps using this data file and combining it with other health care and demographic files.

The tabulations and analysis RPC offers based on MedPAR data has many potential uses for healthcare planners, financial analysts, and hospital executives. RPC offers custom reports using the MedPAR data, and our consultants are happy to talk to you about how we can use the file to best meet your needs. A sample of the kinds of healthcare and financial data that can be gathered from the file are included below.

  • Hospital market share analysis, using patient origin data
  • Service mix analysis using diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Average charges by state, patient diagnosis, and procedural codes
  • Patient demographic analysis by state and provider
  • Procedure and diagnosis rates by patient sex and age group
  • Average inpatient length of stay across states, hospitals and patient populations
  • Discharge status patterns
  • Historical discharge, procedure, and diagnosis trends

Data Suppression
The MedPAR data is only specific to state-of-origin level for patients. In addition, patient age is reported by categories rather than exact age, and admission and discharge dates are reported as quarters.

Data Use Restrictions
Because of data use restrictions, RPC cannot sell access to the raw data, but can provide a wide array of tabulations and descriptive statistics using the MedPAR file. RPC cannot release data with a cell size of less than 11, and must suppress patient age and date of admission and discharge data elements.


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